We need you!
All of our umpires are volunteers, and work hard to make games as fair and as educational as possible.  Did you know that Major League umpires are only correct on balls & strikes about 90% of the time?  So it should be no surprise to you that our umpires will get some calls wrong.  Please cut these volunteers some slack – they are all trying to get all the calls right!  And remember that our games are not the World Series (although some of us might think they are much more important than that!).  All players, umpires, coaches and parents/spectators deserve to be treated with respect, and that is our expectation as a league – please keep this in mind.
And if you are frustrated that calls are not being made correctly – please jump in and volunteer to umpire!  The best umpire is one that is passionate about learning and applying the rules correctly – and if you have that in you – we need you.  Contact [email protected] if you’d like to get involved.  We have resources and training sessions available to help you get up

to speed.

All umpires and volunteers must complete an annual volunteer application form. This form must be completed for each year of volunteer service. Little League Volunteer Application Form

Please send completed forms to [email protected].

To get involved in coaching, please contact [email protected] to find out more information on SCLL coaching.

Many thanks to our dedicated corps of umpires – they help improve the quality of your child’s experience.  And please consider filling this important role for your team or the league – we would rather not have to pull parents out of the stands completely unprepared for the task.  Our kids deserve better than that!

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