We could use your help!

There are many opportunities to volunteer for SCLL.  The truth of the matter is that the league is only as good as its volunteers.  Things won't magically happen by themselves - and the kids deserve a great experience.  It's also true that "many hands make work light".  It is far better to spread the load across many, than to rely on a few "regulars".  Volunteering can also be rewarding in itself.  And it is a great way to build connections across the community.

The primary areas where the league needs help are:
  • Coaching - if you have a baseball background, please help train the next generation of young players!
  • Umpiring - our kids deserve well-called games, and they can learn from it along the way.  Check out our Umpires page for more info.
  • Events - putting on Opening Day and other league events takes a lot of work.  And it is such a beautiful thing when it comes together!
  • Field Maintenance - even though most of our fields are maintained by the Seattle Parks department, there are plenty of tasks to keep the fields playable (primarily dragging and chalking).
  • Administration/Board - managing registrations, scheduling, accounting, and fundraising are all examples of administrative tasks that have to get done for the league to operate.

Please note that all league volunteers that interact with the kids (e.g. coaches & umpires) must undergo a background check.

So please take advantage of the opportunity to sign up to volunteer during the player registration process, and let's make the season great for our kids.

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