The Isaiah Edwards Award
The Isaiah Edwards Award honors the accomplishments of SCLL players, volunteers and teams both past and presentThis award, which lives in perpetuity at Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Madison Ave, is named after Mr. Isaiah Edwards, who is rightfully credited for both starting and growing baseball in the Central Area.
  Mr. Edwards was the original founder of the International Baseball League, which drew more than 1200 kids from the Ship Canal in Ballard, to Tukwila. He was known to drive the streets of Seattle with a pickup full of kids and a bullhorn, encouraging kids to join in the baseball fun.
Eventually, the International Little League became Seattle Little League, and some five decades ago, Seattle Central Little League.
In addition to his love of baseball, Mr. Edwards was a community advocate and activist here in the Central District and In 1962 became the first Black Democratic National Convention delegate from Washington State.
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