Boundary Map

Little Leagues are geographically based, and every player must live or go to school in the League’s boundary area. Residence is based on one or both of the player’s parents or legal guardians address being within the boundary area. A "school enrollment form" will be required if the participant attends a school within the SCLL boundary area, but does not meet residence requirements.  If the form is required, we will send it to you for completion (after registration).

SCLL boundary area:
Starting at Interstate 90 and the west coast of Lake Washington proceed north along the coastline to just north of highway 520 at the entrance to Union Bay then follow the south coastline west through Union Bay and then Portage Bay into Lake Union then follow the east shoreline to where Westlake Ave intersects then proceed south to Stewart St. then proceed west to Elliott Bay and then follow shoreline south to S. Spokane St. then proceed east to Interstate 5 then head north to Interstate 90 then proceed back to the west shoreline of Lake Washington.

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