All-Stars and the Postseason

  The Little League All Stars Tournament is a fun and exciting part of Little League baseball and softball that gives selected players the opportunity to play the game in a more competitive context. The All Stars tournament caps off the regular Little League season, beginning mid-June and potentially continuing through July. You may have heard of the “Little League World Series” that gets played in Williamsport, PA? Well it all begins with All Stars.

  SCLL’s guiding purpose for All Stars is to field as many teams as possible in order to be as competitive as possible and to facilitate a positive player experience that encourages a love of the game. We may field as many as six teams, organized by age level beginning at eight years old.  Players are selected by coaches, teammates, and the umpire staff based on performance, attitude, and availability.
Potential teams/divisions for Baseball and Softball:
Little League (12u - Little League World Series Division)

Selection Process:
  - Teams are subject to minimum roster requirements or roster waivers
  - No ‘try-out days.’ The regular season and TOC will be used to guage ability.
   - TWO "Players Choice" All Stars players per age group will be voted onto rosters by players in their division via paper ballot (players cannot nominate themselves).
  - Remaining All Stars Players will be nominated via electronic ballot by all Coaches and Assistant Coaches and Umpires.
  - Each coach and umps will be asked to nominate up to 6 players per age group
- Head coaches will convene to roster teams from the pool of nominated players and Players Choice selections
Not every player who is nominated will be rostered, but no player will be rostered who wasn’t nominated
The All Stars Team manager has one veto
 - Selection is subject to player availability with availability during the opening weekend being strongly considered.

- One Manager, and two Coaches per All-Stars team are required to be approved by the SCLL Board.

SCLL All Stars Experience:
  - SCLL will provide a coaching staff, practices, scrimmage opportunities to prepare for the tournament, a custom player jersey, baseball cap, and team building activities
  - Player expectations:
- Commitment to attend all practices, scrimmages, and games
- Excellent sportsmanship
  - Expectation of families:
- Commitment - this may interfere with summer vacation plans!
- Excellent sportsmanship
- Contribute to a supportive team environment
- Financial donation if possible

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