Skills Day

What are Skills Days and Who Must Attend?

All baseball players in the Minors, Majors, Intermediates, and Juniors divisions are required to attend one Skills Day, at which they will enjoy some focused time hitting, throwing, and fielding, while being observed by the coaches who will build team rosters. (A player draft is used to fairly distribute players among teams.) Skills Day is a great way to shake off the rust and get excited about playing ball. Think of it as the first practice of the new season.

  • Children who will play Tee Ball, Coach Pitch or Rookies (first-year of kids pitching) do not attend a Skills Day.

  • The registration process will guide you to the appropriate division for your child based on gender and age. In cases where the age ranges for the divisions overlap, you may be presented with two divisions to choose from. Register your child for the division you feel is right for them, and if you have any questions feel free to contact our Player Agent at [email protected].

Please arrive promptly by the published start time for a warmup - this will be a station-based event, so expect to stay the entire time.  Participants should bring their glove, bat and helmet if they have them.

Intermediates and Juniors baseball players will attend Skills Days at Rainier District Little League.

Even in years when some divisions may not hold a draft, we may not know that until after Skills Days, or may still need to use the Skills session to determine division placement.

When and Where?

Minors and Majors Baseball (Players must be registered for the Spring Season prior.)
       TBD - Typically mid to late February

Location: Garfield Playfield

Intermediates and Juniors Baseball 
Skills day is not applicable at these levels.

Registration Paperwork is Required

All players must be registered before attending a Skills session.  We cannot allow them to take the field without the proper paperwork in place.  You can ensure your child gets on the field by registering online here.

If you would like to request a scholarship, please refer to our Financial Aid webpage.

Again, kids may not take the field without proper consent and release signatures from a parent or legal guardian.  Without the required consent and releases in place, we will be forced to send them home.


Ideally, Skills Day drill stations would be run by nonā€coach volunteers, freeing the coaches to observe and make notes.  If you can hit a few dozen grounders or fly balls, or feed balls into a pitching machine, please come down and help us out on any or all of the sessions.  Contact [email protected] for more details.  We can also use your help checking players in, pinning on bibs, and directing traffic. 


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